Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Flying high!!

Thank you!! Thank you!! ......

To all my friends who have called me for offering their congratulations on my prediction coming true. I have been for close to an year talking about the imminent entry of Kingfisher into the world of Formula 1. I am glad that it has happened sooner than I had anticipated.

It all just fits in beautifully. Mallya is flamboyant and likes rubbing his shoulders with the ultra elite upper crest of the society. He likes to be among beautiful people and in the news! He likes fast cars and his love for racing is no secret. He has one of the most impressive collections of vintage and classic sports cars. His collection includes Jagaurs, Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Le Mans Racing, Indy Car, Formula 1, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Porsches including a 1913 model Silver Ghost. Throw in a few high end bicycles from Hummer, Harley, Lotus and Mercedes and you have a very very expensive collection!

Formula 1 is a platter set out just for him. I hope his entry in this sport will also see him investing in making this sport more popular in India. The Spyker Ferrari team needed the large funds to invest in development of a better car.

It is quite possible that given the right time and resources this team can do much better than their current last position. Maybe Karthikeyan will return to the erstwhile Jordan team in the new avatar and Chandok might get a seat in Formula 1 sooner. Lets pray for the best.

I am now inking another prediction I made sometime ago. Much sooner than later you might see Dr. Mallya buying a top English Premier League soccer team.

I am not sure when but definitely feel that he will. It just fits in with his product positioning. Soccer & Beer hmmmm..... need I say more. Then you throw in the Goa factor! Soccer is an increasingly popular sport in India and Internationally the most watched sport. I am sure that the benefits of entering the world of football will be tremendous and will far outweigh the costs.

Keep watching this space.
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