Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The streak ends!!!

Hmmmmmmm.........It had to end! didnt it? It was too good to be true! A fairytale debut for a rookie driver in the ongoing Formula 1 season. Who would have thought that the driver brought in to replace Juan Pablo Montoya as the team's second driver would be so successful!

Lewis Hamilton became an overnight celebrity. From a new kid on the block to a Championship leader. The transition was swift.. flawless and nearly lethal. Spread over nine races, Lewis racked up an awe-inspiring 70 points, making it to the podium in all the nine races. A good lead of 12 points over senior team-mate Fernando. Alonso, a two time reigning world champion did not know what hit him and from where! Within the first few races he was trailing behind his team-mate who was just getting his ears wet!

Divine providence for McLaren fans? yes it was! A particular friend of mine is a McLaren devout and he was dubbing this as the return of the "Silver Arrows" as the McLaren fans fondly call their fav team.

Anyways! Coming back to the streak... You have to hand it to both McLaren and Lewis. They were as a team very very reliable, flawless and consistent! (Alas! If only Kimi can better his DNF percentage!)

Life at 300 kmph is a challenge and it was the first time we saw Lewis make a mistake. A mistake that he took in his stride and managed 9th even after being a lap down by going off the track! He has shown tremendous skill, determination and flair for doing what he loves doing! If anything he lacks the humility that Great Champions before him possess.

I wish him all the best and hope he will provide for some interesting races and racing! That's why we all watch Formula1, don't we?

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