Friday, October 17, 2008

Tomorrow Never Comes

Well this is not about the Elvis number nor the Garth Brooks song. This is about the "Tomorrow" we all face everyday in our lives that never comes.

I am talking about the things we set aside to do "Tomorrow" which we ought be doing today! That diet plan or the daily walk that we conveniently put off till "Tomorrow" never takes off. Cleaning the mess on your table or cupboard is always waiting for the "Tomorrow" to come. Writing a new post on the blog never starts coz you will take time out "Tomorrow" to do it! yeah! For sure! That Guitar class you want to take up or the friend you wanted to meet. The Gym class or the book to read. All waiting for "Tomorrow". My question is why does this "Tomorrow" never come? Is Time conspiring against you? Trying to keep you from achieving your goals? I guess not. It is we who are not doing enough. Why do we always keep putting off for "Tomorrow" what we promised ourselves or our loved ones that we would start "Today". Why?

I have been doing some heavy thinking and believe me you it is indeed quite heavy. I realized that throughout our lives we put off everything that is difficult, unsavory or plain simple boring for another time, importance of that activity notwithstanding. And in some selfish cases, we put off doing what might not benefit you more than it does someone else. Well it might give you some time to do some frivolous things or some cash to spend on something even more frivolous. But who are we fooling? Who is gaining? No one. While in my rather long introspective mood, I also realized that we actually do not like to think, read, talk or write about such things! Well, refer to "unsavory" above and you will understand what I am talking about. In fact we do not even like to acknowledge that a problem exists. Maybe we are sub-consciously putting off that realization till "Tomorrow"

Many times I have witnessed people plan and plan in great detail as to how they will start doing something. The sad part is in most cases, the plan is never implemented and worse still, the planning activity gets hit with the "Tomorrow" bug. Bug! you ask? Yes, It is a bug, a disease, a malaise that we all are carrying around with us. Spreading it unknowingly within all our aspects of life and to all those who are in contact with us. Lets not get into the semantics here but focus on the fact that we need to start picking up the loose ends in our lives and tie them up. Pick up those sticks that we have dropped around us in this mad race of life.

If it is something that you know deep down that is good for you and it is about time you started doing it, then please, stop reading this right now and start doing it. Don't waste time in drawing out your strategy and a road map on how to get around doing it! Those things belong to corporate board rooms! Just start off and you will figure out the best way as you go along. One wise ol Chinese philosopher has said that "A Journey of a thousand mile begins with the first step", I have decided that my "Tomorrow" arrives Today. What about you?

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Madhavi Agarwal said...

Glad your tomorrow arrived today. :)

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