Friday, August 10, 2007

Discovery of Hyderabad 3.0


After one whole day of visiting the Tombs and the fort we were ready for the Salar Jung Museum and the Chowmahalla Palace. Special guest for the day was Ravindra's son Rahul. :) He was looking forward to the trip as much as we were.

We first went to the famous Salar Jung Museum. The experience was mind-blowing. My last trip to this lovely museum was quite a while back. So long back that I had forgotten how exquisite and expansive the collection was. That too housed under one roof! It is still hard to imagine how rich this one dynasty was to have amassed so many wonderful things from all corners of the world!

Ketu was quite angry with the management of the place and the way some of these priceless treasures were left unprotected from the weather and hands of inquisitive visitors. After we saw the famous gong strike twice we left for the Chowmahalla Palace.

On our way was a brief stop at Charminar. Long enough to soak in the architecture of the old city and take some pictures of the Mecca Masjid, Nizamia Hospital and the Charminar itself.

Chowmahalla was as beautiful to watch in the day as it is in the night! My last visit to this palace was a few months ago and it was sheer splendour. I started clicking as soon as we reached the main gate. The pictures are in the slideshow below:

The walk through the palace left me speechless. The detailing, the royal luxury and the effort put in towards maintaining the Palace is quite remarkable. I will let you do the exploring yourself. The photographs say it all for me!

The saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Believe me in this case, I am not sure if a thousand words could do justice to any one of the pictures :)

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