Sunday, August 19, 2007

In good company

Hi there!

For those of you who visit my blog frequently, I have some interesting news to share. I had written a post just before this entry about the third and final Cricket Test in England recently. I was gladdened no end when I read "Shashi on Sunday" in the TOI today. Shashi Tharoor's thoughts and points were the same as mine. Not that it matters, but it does make me feel good! :)

Link to My article (Published on August 14, 2007):
Shashi on Sunday article (Published on August 19, 2007):

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Kazim said...

kartik your felicity of expression and discern with no schmooze while dealing with the subject is exemplary.

Am in full-throttle agreement with your viewpoint as it is rightly said "Audacity has the power, charm and resolve to win"!

Anonymous said...

Though I agree with you on the fact that India could have won the match if they had enforced the follow-on, I think you are being unreasonably harsh on Dravid. After all, it is a series win that is important.

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